Wink Up- March 2009 Part 1 Yamapi x Massu x Koyama

I was feeling bored when I saw this interesting article! I love it a lot more when NEWS has cross-talks instead of individual interviews :) Enjoy reading! Translations are from Chinese-->English and please tell me if you spot any inaccuracies in the translation ^^ 

Part 2 of this article featuring the crosstalk between Tegoshi x Shige x Ryo has already been translated here so I wouldn't be posting that.

Feel free to share this translation, but I'll appreciate if you credit :)
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Actual TORN PV from Ohkura's solo con

Here it is, the smexy TORN PV ryo recorded specially for ohkura's solo concert.

Fancam (Tokyo show) ripped from here

Since the original fancam was audio-less, I mixed in the audio from the TORN performance in the musekinin hero DVD :) 

Download here
MU mirror here (thanks aanjali )

I apologize for the low quality though, since it's ripped from youtube. Hopefully a high quality version will appear soon ^^ 

How Johnny is perceived by the Johnnys

I found this in a thread on XQ and thought it's interesting so I've decided to translate. I spent quite a long time compiling these so please tell me if you're going to repost :)

NOTE: This may not be 100% accurate since I haven't heard/seen the Johnnys revealing the secrets about Johnny myself and some of the information on XQ are contradictory. Feel free to contribute if you remember what other Johnnys said about Johnny and I'll add it in :) ><

Digging Johnny's past
Johnny, actual name Hiromu Kitagawa (喜多川 擴),, was born October 23 1931 in Los Angeles.

Johnny once worked in the US embassy in Japan as a translator and mediator. He then joined the army and took part in the North Korean war (as a translator/mediator as well).  After the war, Johnny used the money given by the US government for his universitiy fees in 智上大学.
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Hiroshima Concert Reports (13/12,14/12)

Real life updates:
1) I went to Malaysia, Desaru, from yesterday (14/12) to yesterday (14/12). Yeah for a one day tour xD Visited an ostrich farm where i fed the ostriches and flailed at the baby ostriches (they are really really cute!) And then we went on a boat ride and saw many fireflies. The fireflies mainly gather on the trees and they look like those christmas lights on christmas trees. It's really beautiful :) A pity no firelies flew onto the boat this time round :D I remember trying but failing to catch them seven years ago on the same trip. oh yes i need to complain on the inefficiency of the Singapore customs >< It took just 15 minutes to clear Malaysia customs and a freaking 2 hours to clear Singapore's -.- Those high tech finger print machines they installed just worsened the problem because half the people were stuck there cos of that -.-

2) Got my Autism Resource Centre job! I hope they post me to Pathlight instead of Eden since it's much nearer to my house :) 

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Rumours are not for the faint-hearted =.=

Sigh please let my weak heart off.. The news/rumors that have been appearing today is a little too much for me to handle. 

News 1: Only Arashi and You&J fanclub members are able to ballot for the Countdown Concert this time round? 
I wonder if this whole only-selected-fanclubs-can-ballot thing has always happened? People at xq are speculating that in addition to KinKi Kids, the other groups besides Arashi, NEWS, K8 and KAT-TUN will not be attending this year's countdown o.0

Rumour 1: NEWS finally getting a drama tie-in??


From what I can understand, according to this, the theme song to massu and nakamaru's "rescue" would be sung by NEWS ~~ 
I know Massu's the second lead but who says that's impossible?
Just adding this in to test the reliability of rumours -.- Highly doubt the reliability though.

2/04 絢香 『さよならのティータイム』?
2/11 EXILE 『Freehand Forest Angel+1』?
2/11 SPEED 『Reminiscence feat.MCU/ 苺』

2/11 嵐 『Believe / Jungle Magic Game』?

2/11 Crystal Kay 『出逢えた奇跡/HOLD ON』?
2/11 GO HIROMI VS GLAY 『プレゼントを贈りたい。』?
2/18 V6 『ハナコトバ』?
2/18 谷村奈南 『BEAUTIFUL DOLL / 初×KISS feat.SEAMO』?
2/18 mihimaru GT 『優しい雨が晴れたとき feat.小泉今日子/ アップアップにしようぜ!』?
2/25 aiko 『馬車の王子様たち』?
2/25 Superfly 『BILLION LIFE』?
2/25 Hey Say JUMP 『POWER OF LOVE~ミナギルチカラ~』?
3/04 NEWS 『HEART ON WAVE ~タマシイのナイスチョイス~』?
3/04 大塚愛 『BOOM BOOM BICYCLE BA BA BA feat.鼠先輩』?
3/04 三枝夕夏IN db 『新しい季節が来る時間だね~so yes~』?
3/11 GreeeeN 『新☆未来/ Broken My World』?
3/11 RSP 『一人にしないで×一人にしないよ』?
3/11 SMAP 『Last Memories』?
3/11 清水翔太 『転んでも...』?
3/11 DOPING PANDA×Perfume 『グラマラス?ナイト?メイカー』?
3/18 Perfume 『Walking High Road/ キューピット』?
3/18 青山テルマ 『I‘M SOUP GIRL/ Kiss Me Baby One more time♂』

3/25 KAT-TUN 『突っ走れ!マイウェイ』

Rumour 2: Kusa will be guesting in Uchi's solo con and is returning?

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Cracking the xq code

Edited 5/5: I can't believe this post ended up on XQ xD 

More for my own reference than anything else. But of course, for those of you who are starting to frequent xq, this would give light to the gazillion xq code they use ^^ 

XQ= Basically the biggest Chinese Johnnys forum around. I stalk xq because of all their fast updates, interesting wanks and entertaining posts. I think mixi/2ch offer these as well but I'm a total noob at Japanese.

Anything Johnnys-related can basically be found at this section of xq. Other sections of the forum include discussions of artistes outside of johnnys, for sales/trade etc.

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